Rosajou's small manifesto

When Rosajou was launched, we were attacked pretty often: Really? makeup for kids? This is nonsense! Stop making our kids grow too fast. They might get used to it?

When you do things with your whole heart, it is hard to hear those critics because they hit you right in the soft spot. In the end, we understood that it was essential for us to communicate on our vision of childhood, our Why, our reason to be Rosajou.

So here it is, let us describe our vision of childhood for you.

Lightness : Play, have fun with lightness
In a world that has become hard and uncertain, where bad news floods the airwaves, lightness becomes a necessity. It is part of Rosajou's DNA. Like a counterweight to allow our children to live in gentleness, joy of living, carefree. At Rosajou, we cultivate it, we even cherish it. How do we do it? By daring to create products that allow us to live these moments of innocence and joy: situations where we giggle when we see the result of our makeup, where we have eyes that shine when we see our nails polished like those of our mom, where we apply our makeup to our little brother as a princess (it's real life experience  ) ...
It is this lightness that guides us, and we are happy to participate in our way to build this bubble of tenderness.

Finding ourselves beautiful feeds self-esteem. Putting on make-up for a child is a game of imitation like any other, without any ulterior motive, in a simply pure and innocent way. As a child, we build the image we have of ourselves. If Rosajou can help our children acquire this confidence, which is essential to becoming a fulfilled adult, then we say YES. To do this, there is nothing like adapted products: formulas, colors and childlike design. That's Rosajou!

And to go further, here are...

                                                                       Rosajou's anti-guide

We officially announce to all the children who use Rosajou that they have the right:

- To overshoot: when you color, you are allowed to overshoot, right? And our parents always think it's very pretty! So, with our makeup, we have the right too! Na!

- To make the colors of nail polish overlap: so much more amusing! We create new effects: red glitter, yellow pearl, green with golden reflections ... absolute happiness!

- Putting too much on: yes, yes, that's allowed too! It's to have fun, so it's allowed

- To remove her polish 5 minutes later, even if it took 1 hour to do her manicure and even if mom helped a little!

- To put nail polish back on right after removing it: how else can you test all the combinations?!

- To do mommy's makeup: then that, we love!!!! And she looks so happy.

- To make Rosajou kisses: we also have the right to make marks when we make kisses!

- To make faces once ready: well, yes, we are not there to make the "be beautiful and shut up" And whatever if one says to us that we are not beautiful, we find ourselves beautiful!

- To put on makeup only for ourselves: Hey oh, we are in 2021! Then when we put on makeup it is above all for ourselves and if we find that beautiful, well there is the main thing!

- To imitate the gesture of mom or Aunt Jacqueline: of course, we take advantage of it to overdo it: we open wide the mouth, and we pinch the lips to spread well uniformly our lipstick

- To lend her makeup to her mom: "Okay mom but you don't ruin it for me, it's my favorite lipstick!" It's the world upside down and we love it!

- To do their friends' makeup, their sister and even their little brother: "come on Augustin, I'll dress you up as a princess, it will be very very funny as a game...especially for me"

- To put on makeup easily and this whatever your age, whether you're a boy or a girl: because it's fun for all kids to have polished nails!!! "And even if I'm a little boy, why should I be allowed to play shopkeeper and not wear makeup!!! And no daddy, it's not going to impact my manliness!"

So, isn't life beautiful with Rosajou?

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