If your order does not give you complete satisfaction, you have a period of 14 days after receipt to return all or part of your package.

For this, you must send us a request to the following address hello@rosajou.fr by indicating your details, the reason for your return and the product you want in exchange.

Upon receipt, we will acknowledge receipt of this request by sending an e-mail.

You then have a period of fourteen (14) days to return the complete product (s), unused, intact in its (their) original packing : 


ROSAJOU Service Retour et Échange

418, rue du Mas de Verchant - Pôle Eureka

34000 Montpellier - FRANCE

Failing the return of the products within the fourteen (14) day period, from the day of the effective reception of the order, the order is deemed final and no refund will be able to intervene, with the exception of the cases envisaged in the present terms and conditions of sales.

We will reimburse you for the amount of returned items within a maximum of fourteen (14) days after receipt of your refund request mail.

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