Our values

At Rosajou, we have our own values! Values in which we believe, values that we cherish and that guide us to make decisions. It is important for us to share them with you:

    1. Quality
Delphine, the creator of Rosajou, has worked for many years in the world of luxury, so obviously, this leaves its mark: the demand for quality, the attention to detail, the love of a job well done; all of these factors lead us to choose very rigorously the partners with whom we work. For each product, we establish strict specifications to be sure that our formulas will be gentle on children's skin, and to ensure this, all our products are dermatologically tested to validate this promise.

    2. French, and proud of it!
It is very important for us to manufacture our cosmetic products in France. It's not for nothing that the company that carries Rosajou is called La Fabrique Française . For us, this commitment is meaningful on several levels:
- French know-how: using talents where they are and acting on our scale to support our companies, what could be more natural? This is why all our formulas are developed, manufactured and packaged in France.
- Quality control: by being close to each of our partners and working with them without intermediaries, it is easier for us to control the quality at each stage of manufacturing.
Thanks to this hard work to find the best partners, not only our cosmetic products, but also our kits, mirrors, and some packaging are made in France! Cocorico!

    3. As close as possible from us
For the accessories and other items that make up the product's packaging, we also work hard to find partners as close to home as possible.
As a result, most of our suppliers are in Europe: Spain for our cases, Germany for our nail files, Italy for our lipstick sticks...
This choice allows us to offer products with a reasonable carbon footprint. You can read our manufacturing secrets to learn more.  (Clickable link to the Manufacturing Secrets page)

    4. Good for the planet
Leaving the planet in good condition for our children: this is essential for the Rosajou Team!
By choosing partners who share the same values as us, we build together eco-responsible products. Recycled and recyclable materials, cardboard from sustainably managed forests, bio-sourced ink...
Thanks to these efforts, all Rosajou product packaging is infinitely recyclable, and their materials have a low environmental impact.

    5. Social, supportive…simply human!
Committed to the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) since its creation, Rosajou, a brand of La Fabrique Française, has been accompanied by a business incubator in the Occitanie region that supports companies that carry the values of the SSE. Our company is part of this approach through concrete actions:
- Reasoned profitability: profitability is used as a means to serve the company's project and not as an end in itself. More concretely, profits are not redistributed to shareholders, they are mostly reinvested in the company,
- Actions for a sustainable economic performance: to have a minimal environmental impact, to promote a territorial influence and social link are part of our approach. For example, the packaging of our products is done by disabled workers.

    6. Involved
We are a small company, but we are convinced that there is no small contribution. So, at our level we regularly support causes that are close to our heart:
- To offer a colorful Christmas to hospitalized sick children, we donated gift sets in 2019 to the association CKDB (C'est que du bonheur).
- This year, we donated hundreds of products to the association "Les talents ont du cœur" which organizes an annual solidarity sale to support AIDS research.

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