Opaline Kit - Rosajou x Bachca

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Perle nail polish, Ballerine nail polish and Opaline hair clip - Rosajou x Bachca


A pretty assortment in pastel colors, ideal as a gift 😍

For a manicure fit for a princess and an elegant hairstyle!

Kit contents:

✦ Ballerine nail polish for children - Rosajou 

Perle nail polish for children - Rosajou

Small Opaline hair clip - Bachca

✅ How to use :

See each product page.

Ballerine nail polish - Perle nail polish - Opaline hair clip

🔎 Composition :

See each product page.

Ballerine nail polish - Perle nail polish - Opaline hair clip

⚠️ Safety :

Not suitable for children under 3.

These products are not food products.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Apply to healthy skin.

Use under parental supervision.

Close tightly after use.

Store at temperatures below 25°C.

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